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We are ambassadors of our community and we wanted to tell the story of our community through the faces and voices of the people that live here. We want to introduce the great people of our community to each other and the world, one smiling face at a time. Please join us in celebrating our community through The Faces Of Lakewood Ranch

Susan Rivera

Originally from NY. Been in Florida now for 25 years. I’m a Wife , Mother of 2 great kids, own a beautiful house in a small development here in town. I love to exercise and love the beach- it just brings me peace. I am lucky to have a group of girlfriends who I call…

Jeff Goldstein

Born and raised in Chicago, my husband and I moved to Lakewood Ranch 5 years ago. I’m a Board Certified Physician Assistant and Cosmetic Injector. I have been practicing medicine for over 17 years and have experience in emergency medicine, hospital medicine and family medicine. Q: Please tell us a little bit about your family….